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Global Medical Diagnostics -
MRI - NCV/DEP - Spinal Ultrasound - Sleep Studies - Musculoskeletal - Dynamic Motion X-Ray - More!
D.C. Products Review -
Product News for the Chiropractor.
Your Guide On the Path to Nutritional Wellness. for Practitioners and Patinets.

ACOM Health Chiropractic Software -
Chiropractic Software for Documentation and Practice Management. Solutions that do much more than just automate your Clinical Reporting, Billing & Collections, Scheduling, and Office Management. 562-424-7899

USA Diagnostics
Mobel MRI, NCV and other "state of the art Diagnostics" in the SouthEast.
Sci-Ties, Inc. - Started by a medical student desiring to share the art of science and medicine with the world through 100% silk neckties of the spine, brain, and more.
ChiroClips - Finally! Easy-to-Use, Affordable, Chiropractic Clip Art. Logo Symbols and Icons , High-Quality Anatomical Illustrations - Clean, Crip, Contemporary.
Bloch Medical Equipment - Chiropractic and Physical Therapy equipment and supplies.
Mastercare The Swedish Back care system. For Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee ...
Tempra Technology - The Thermal Solutions Company.
Reusable/Instant Hot & Cold Packs, Distributors Wanted.
Salutations - Crative Concepts by Sal Giosa
Designing concepts for professionals ... "From a greeting card to a web site"
Agony Relief Secrets
Neck, Back, Foot, Joint Pain and Soreness. Free Manuscript introduces simple yet powerful new "How-To" secrets to relieve pain and soreness. Developed by an Architectural Graduate who applied engineering to the human body.
Walter Roberts Insurance Brokers Inc. the largest purveyor of Chiropractic Group Insurance within Canada. Specializing in Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance, All Inclusive Clinic Coverages, Chiropractic Disability, Life, Residential Automobile & Homeowners Group Program. - is dedicated to offering on-line assistance, free of  charge, to those seeking balance, harmony, healing and a sense of wholeness.  This site offers advice, education, and solutions to typical and not-so-typical health and happiness issues in everyday life.

PDI Labs - Intestinal Central Revolutionary Intestinal Health Care and the Ultimnate Weight Loss system. cesponding. inhibit the growth of gram-positive pathogenic bacteria (Like Listeria) in over 70 independent laboratory examinations.

ChiroView Presents - Chiropractic-Physical Medicine-Alternative Health Care E-mail Broadcasts
Total Health Enhancement - Medical Foods for the treatment of Obesity, Smoking Cessation, and more. Visit us today!
Access Equipment Solutions Inc - New and used Chiropractic Equipment including Tables! - The 21st century solution for your x-ray and ultrasound imaging supplies and accessories.
Wonder Products - Magnets - Bioflex Concentric Circle Magnets.
Finger Splint - Best alternative to surgury- Unique, patented design is comfortable to wear for everyday activities. Promotes tendon reattachment to the bone. For the mallet injury.
Millbrook Medical Billing - Millbrook Medical Billing specializes in Chiropractic medical billing. Leave your billing headaches to us. Call us today.
Airpacks - makes ergonomically designed backpacks, shoulder bags and computer bags for children and adults. Air in the shoulder straps and lumbar cushion, shifts the weight to the right place, the lower back.
New Horizons Medical Billing - Certified medical billing service specializing in maximum fee reimbursement.
Omega Posture Systems Inc. - Only NORMALIZER chiropractic pillows are endorsed and approved by The Canadian Chiropractic Association.
ElectroMedical Solutions, Inc. - America's #1 source for TENS. ElectroMedical Solutions is a provider of TENS and Muscle Stimulators for effective pain relief and rehabilitation without the side effects of oral medication.
Stacy Laabs - Magnets, Nutritional Supplements, Sleep Systems, Far-Infrared technologies, Water Systems - offers safe, all-natural treatments to repair the cartilage damage causing arthritis.
Take A Break Fitness - This series of interactive CD-ROMs consist of stretches, exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques in convenient ten-minute segments. These routines have been designed to be performed at your desk at any time.
The Pillowhold - hold your pillow in place on any adjustable bed (such as a hospital bed), reg bed, sofa, recliner or hammock.
Private Practice Technologies - complete practice management system that was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of Touchscreen technology, voice recognition, scanning and document storage, form generation (ASHP, PR2s) and biometric user identification to assist with HIPAA compliancy. - is a website and magazine dedicated to reviewing today s newest healthcare technologies. Here you will find a wealth of information regarding EMR, medical billing software and other healthcare technologies.
Quality Health Products, Inc. Provider of Chiropractic patient supplies, and therapy and exercise products including Superfeet Prefabricated Foot Orthotics, analgesics, hot and cold therapy products and at home exercise equipment.
SleepCatcher - Chiropractor endorsed hammock tent for outdoor use, cranks between 2 trees with rain sheet that stops rain and fly's.
Software Motif - EMR chiropractic software for Pocket PC's and Windows includes EMR Datacenter for patient and insurance billing, and MyEMR for SOAP's and narrative reports. Seamless integration provides "touch it once" data entry.

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